Contest entry

I have some posts coming soon on my recent CKC convention. In┬áthe mean time I’m posting as part of a giveaway that is having. I don’t normally spread company promotions but in this case I will. The random contest is to win 1 of 5 die cutting packages. Each package includes a Sizzix machine […]


Blue and Yellow!

I have been following all the news coming out from the winter CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) 2012 event this past week. I’m always excited to see what is new and hot. Even though I am not a particularly trendy person, I do like new ideas and get bored of the stale trends. I have […]


Happy Spring!

Easter Eggs straight from our hens bunny.

I hope you are enjoying this time of year. I have to admit that spring is my least favorite time. It comes after a long wet winter. And just continues to be cold and wet when I am aching for some sun and warmth. Then it (the […]


Unexpected Scrap supplies

So I found a source of unexpected craft supplies. My kids got gift certificates for Christmas for American Science & Surplus. While my kids were browsing their catalog I noticed a link that said “Arts & Crafts”. Ooh that looked interesting. And boy was it. I explored the arts and crafts section as well as […]


Birthday Snow

We haven’t had more than a dust of snow this winter, which has been a big disappointment. We always look forward to at least one nice blanket of snow each year. So when we woke up this morning, on my daughter’s ninth birthday, to find a fluff of snow we were all happily surprised. Birthday […]


I won!

I’ve been having a bunch of fun these past couple of weeks playing along at The Paper Variety blog. And this week I won their (random) weekly prize for entering the inspiration challenge with my friend card. It was a $50 gift certificate to Crop Chocolate. I’ve peeked into Crop Chocolate a few times but […]


Decisions, decisions

February is looking like a choice filled month in my craft life. I’ve come across at least 4 events for February that have caught my attention.

Big Picture Classes: Embrace Imperfection by Karen Grunberg. Free. I’ve told you all that I already signed up for this one. Big Picture Classes: Creative Retreat by May Flaum. […]


New-to-me Cricut shop

My daughter wants a Sponge Bob birthday party for her fourth birthday. So I sat debating whether or not I wanted to buy a Sponge Bob Circut cartridge to decorate up the house for the party. I looked around to see what deals I could find. And at the cheapest — $40 I decided to […]


Free class at BPC

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that Big Picture Classes is offering a free class called Embrace Imperfection. It starts today so hop on over to their website and check it out. I love BPC and I will be signing up for this class. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Correction: The class […]


Looking Forward, Looking Back

A frozen fountain near home.

The new year is traditionally a time to look forward and to look back. I don’t personally find the New Year a magical time to follow this process. I think change & reflection can happen at any point in your life, and in fact should happen often! But […]