Creature craft

My daughter really wanted to buy herself a cute little Pokemon plushie and had a wad of cash in her wallet to do it with. After searching high and low around town we found nothing that interested her. In our internet search we found interesting plushies but the prices made her cringe. So we turned [...]

Weekend update #5

I don’t use many coupons, but the ones that I do used are shoved in a wad in the bottom of my purse. This situation has needed some work for a while. So I decided to craft my own coupon holder. It is chipboard front and back (identical) with an open accordion folded cardstock center. [...]

Weekend update #4

Okay, I am getting most of the projects done that I had floating around in my brain. I’m thinking I am going to spread these posts out a bit this week so that they don’t get overwhelming. I hope I don’t annoy anyone with over-posting! Here is a quick little project that I wanted to [...]

Weekend update #1

I’m going to have a few updates for you this weekend. This first one is a Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger challenge to use the photo above to create some piece of paper goodness. The very first thing that came to my mind was a card. But I decided to think on it a while [...]

Cupcake saga continues

My latest challenge from The Paper Variety was to make something involving a cupcake. Oh how perfect since I’ve spent the last two weeks in cupcake land. Well I couldn’t just submit the cupcakes that I already made. That wouldn’t be in the spirit of a crafty challenge. I had to figure out how to [...]

New Video

Hey everyone. I’m happy to report that I finally got to making my second video. I was waiting for a data cable to arrive in the mail so I could switch to using my regular video camera instead of the video feature on my still camera. I was hoping the quality would be better. It [...]

Valentine's Day goodies

My kids’ homeschool group will be having a Valentine’s Day party next week so I thought we should get to work on their “cards.” Most years we (I!) really do just make cards. But this year I wanted to do something that would be a little less time consuming. I was inspired by three things [...]

Make something yummy challenge

As I’ve said before I have a plan for prettying up my scrap space. For a long time I have had a sketch on my cork board of my “Creative Cafe” complete with awning, welcome sign and menu plaque. In keeping with the food theme I created a pink cake box and placed it on [...]

Crafting with my son

My son was part of a Lego Robotics team under the parent organization First Lego League. His team won 3rd place in the local qualifying tournament with the opportunity to advance to the state tournament. We went to state this past Saturday. At the tournament, FLL was celbrating its 20th year and the state organization, [...]

Craft Room Decorating & My Pink Stamper Challenge

Hey everyone. I wanted to share this project with you today. I made these sweet photo flowers for two reasons. The first is that I am on a mission to decorate my craft space. Since I work in the unfinished basement I don’t have the prettiest of spaces. As you can see here, my craft [...]